Is there a way to have out of stock items to appear on pick tickets?

Back Story:
So we have a problem with items not appearing on pick tickets.  It happens when we are out of inventory for those certain items. I understand that NetSuite won’t print out items on a pick ticket if they cant be fulfilled but I want to have something appear on the pick ticket so we know there are other items on the customer’s order.

We run into the problem where a customer orders Item A and Item B. But on the pick ticket, only Item A appears so then fulfillment sends that out and is confused why that SO# is still open in the pick ticket system.

So, is there a way to add something to the pick ticket to show one of the items from the Sales Order is on backorder or not available but is still apart of this order? Is there a simple switch to flip or would I need to find something custom for this problem?

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