Distribution Network (Bill of Distribution) & ATP Lead Time

Currently, we are using the ATP Lead Time to see Item Availability and the Earliest Available Date. Due to the fact that we are using a Distribution Network from our main distribution location, is there a way for the warehouses which source via Transfer from our Distribution centre to show a more accurate ATP Lead Time.
  • Location A has 1x widget as “Available”.
  • Location B has a demand for 1x widget.
  • The bill of distribution has Location B source from Location A, with a bill of distribution lead time equal to 10 days.
Hoping the above can be set up to answer the following two scenarios:
  • Scenario 1: When we create a Demand order of 1x widget in Location B, the bill of distribution should source a back-order transfer from location A and calculate an Earliest Available Date based on the lead time of 10 days. If there is stock in Location A, should the ATP lead time calculation should display a date of 10 days?
  • Scenario 2: Location B has a demand of 1x widget which is placed on a back-order through the distribution network, sourcing from Location A with a 10 day lead time. If location A has no available stock, it will then place a back-order from its source (in our case, our manufacturing plant). Is there a way for Location B to calculate the 10 lead time to source from Location A + the Purchase Lead time due to the back-order now placed in Location A?
Rookie Asked on August 9, 2021 in Order Management.
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