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Time Entries that have a ‘overtime’ flag checked against them (as a result of the project task where they’re coded to being set up as ‘overtime’ related project tasks) need to be imported into our payroll module so that any time coded against this is paid at the overtime rate


John Smith codes 4 hours against Project ABC, Project Task: ABC 2

Project Task ABC 2 has a checkbox called ‘overtime eligible’

This is ticked.

Normally, the time entry would be routed to Project ABC’s project manager for approval.


In this case, I want the 4 hours to also be routed so John Smith’s supervisor.

This is so the 4 hours, once approved by John Smith’s Supervisor. will create a ‘overtime pay component’ (a custom record) that will be paid via the payroll module in Netsuite


At the moment, I am uploading the approved time entries with a ‘overtime’ flag ticked via a CSV import so that a pay component is created







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