Changing or re-issuing a Customer Invoice

Let’s say I need to correct an amount and a date on a Customer Invoice.

For example – My Sales Order and Revenue Arrangement are total $50K.

I issued a partial Invoice on 15-Feb-2022 for $10K. After that the customer asked to issue a different invoice instead: The new date should be 15-Mar-2022 and the amount – $15K

Our integrator told us to issue a Credit Memo, but the Credit Memo also triggers its own Revenue Arrangement. And it also doesn’t “free” the $10K to the original SO for invoicing, so I can only Issue new Invoices just on the remaining $40K and not $50K.

Is it possible that Credit Memo only will “storno” the Invoice without changing the RA?

I don’t want to change the existing Revenue Arrangement, just to cancel and re-issue the Invoice…

What is the best way to change / reissue a Customer Invoice?

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