Automate Cash Sale Creation

Is there a native feature to automate the creation of cash sales from sales orders on a set schedule now, or does this need to be done with a script?

Beginner Asked 6 days ago in Billing.
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You could do this with workflows. Use the “transform record” action – it needs to run on the sales order itself. You can do this as a scheduled workflow, or as an aftersubmit (if you wanted it done on creation)


Advanced Answered 6 days ago.

Ok, but there’s no native feature?

6 days ago.
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Try looking into Billing Operation Schedules.  If you have this feature in your account it is typically under Transactions> Billing> Schedule Billing Operations. You can create a search for sales orders to isolate just those that will be cash sales.

Rookie Answered 6 days ago.

Gotcha. Thanks!

5 days ago.
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