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For quite some time now, I have used a technique to get around the SuiteScript limitation that a User Event cannot trigger another User Event, but utilizing the N/task module and Workflow Action Scripts.  I submit a Workflow Trigger task for a certain record, and have logic in the Workflow Action script to either Load/Save the record OR if it makes sense, I just add the any user event logic into the Workflow Action script.

My big issue I just ran into for the first time is that my WorkflowTriggerTasks are successfully submitted, but the WorkflowTriggerTaskStatus is stuck in Pending. I just checked on Task ID that was submitted 2 days ago, and still the task status is Pending.

  1. Is there a way in the UI to view all “Pending” Workflow Tasks? Or do I just have to check the status in the Debugger?
  2. What causes the Workflow to go to a status of “Pending”? Is there some time of metric like Governance or Concurrency that would let me know how many Workflow Tasks I can submit in a given amount of time? Is this like the old Scheduled Script queues?

The logic in the workflow action script is pretty business critical, so if I cannot get this resolved, I may re-architect it to run in an MR script, every 15 minutes. obviously, not ideal for processes that need to be near-real time.

NetSuite Debugger code:

require(['N/task'], function (task) {
var taskId = 'WFTRIGGER_0568697b176b1604071704690b76725250010104771466681245_99xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';

var myTaskStatus = task.checkStatus({

taskId: taskId

var x = 0;
Beginner Asked on February 3, 2021 in SuiteScript.
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