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I’ve developed a Workflow designed to send an email to select team members whenever the Order Processing Status is updated by some other selected team members.

It is functioning fine except it is emailing whenever the record is saved not only when the Order Processing Status field is updated.

My criteria are:

Order Processing Status is not Pre-build. (default setting for the field)

Master Customer does not contain display (eliminates all of our display vehicles)

User Location is Warehouse. (only those assigned to the Warehouse making the change will generate the email)

Is there a way to have the notification send only if that field is updated? (keeping all the  above criteria?

Here is the custom formula that was created in the visual builder

(({}!=1 or ({} is null)) and UPPER({custbody_master_customer}) not like ‘%’||UPPER(‘Display’)||’%’ and {}=14)


Thank you in advance


Beginner Asked on August 10, 2021 in Other.
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Use the OLD RECORD function in your criteria.  Here’s an example of when the Total is higher than the old Total:

Workflow - OLD RECORD

Rookie Answered on August 17, 2021.
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