Work Orders for Refurbished Products

Hello NS Group!

We have used items that we want to repair and resell as refurbished. Currently we handle that by:

  1. Execute an Unbuild under the original product line (minus the parts not able to be reused).
  2. Execute an Assembly Build under the new refurb product line.

I want to find a more efficient  and accurate way to accomplish this. If any of your companies handle refurbished items could you share your way of accomplishing it in NS?

Rookie Asked on April 28, 2020 in Manufacturing.
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For those of you who may be interested, We have devised this process for more accurately handling refurbished items:

We create a Work Order for a Refurbished product line.

Then we include the original item and its serial number as a component line on the WO.

We also add labor and any parts used to refurbish the item.

While your company may differ, we prefer to maintain the original Serial Number. To keep from getting a “This serial number already exists” error we designate a letter, number, or symbol to indicate it is now a refurbished item.

Rookie Answered on August 10, 2020.
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