Where can I turn off Auto Generated Numbers for Lead ID

Hello all, super thankful I found this community. I am trying to setup an API connection to import leads from Hubspot when they come in, the connection works but when I fire it up it starts importing every single record in Hubspot rather than just new ones that arent in Netsuite yet. The reason this is happening is because it is generating a Lead ID number rather than taking the lead name and prefilling it like a manual entry, and not recognizing duplicates. I realize this is because of an Auto generated number setting, however when I go into those settings there is no Lead ID, Lead form, or even Customer ID. I have no idea how there is an autogenerated number attached when I cannot find anything in the AGN settings that indicate so. Can anyone help? Maybe its named something different that I don’t realize?

Rookie Asked on August 27, 2021 in Other.
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