What is the best way to embed text into Entry Forms?

What would be the best way to add text elements to a entry forms?

I purpose would be to add instructions or other indications on entry forms to help users. The elements would change very infrequently once set.


Beginner Asked on December 5, 2019 in Administration.

Do you want to add a custom field on the Entry form in NS  which would hold some text values? Can you clarify the question pls?

on December 6, 2019.
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There is a custom field type called “help” that you can define the contents of in the field definition, this would apply to all records where you see that field the same.

You could also do an inline html field if you wanted to dynamically set it via script or workflow.

Finally the text area or long text field could do this as well. Just watch your impact on storage with any of these options (help should not impact storage size I believe but take that with a grain of salt)

Advanced Answered on December 9, 2019.
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