What are the pre-requisites to creating a new subsidiary to replace the current primary?

We are going to dissolve the current entity for a new one that has already been created.  I’m trying to update all entities, transactions, and other records to the new subsidiary.  It has been made the parent but the items and vendors specifically are continuing to cause issues when being added to PO’s.

Rookie Asked on October 27, 2023 in How To's.
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Changing subsidiaries, especially the root parent subsidiary is extremely tricky/delicate/risky (i.e. requires a lot of testing and validation to ensure that everything is going to come out correctly). Prior to 2020.1, you weren’t even allowed to do it yourself, you had to contact support and they had to enable it for you. Now, you can use the Subsidiary Hierarch Modification feature to do that. If your question is how to do that, check out “Change Parent Subsidiary after Enabling Subsidiary Hierarchy Modification Feature” SuiteAnswers ID 19677 and “Setting the Allow Subsidiary Hierarchy to be Modified Preference” SuiteAnswers ID 91458, although it sounds like you’ve already done that and are struggling with the implementation. The vagaries of going through that process are way more than the scope of a quick question, and I would strongly recommend that you get an experienced NetSuite partner that has already done this before to assist you with the implementation.  You can check out “Subsidiary Hierarchy Structure Modification” SuiteAnswers ID 91150 for more details, but basically when you enable subsidiary hierarchy modification, Oracle has makes you acknowledge a license agreement that’s like “changing your root subsidiary may totally f*** things up, and you’re on your own if you do.” Way back when before the Subsidiary Hierarchy Modification feature, we used to add a dummy roll-up parent subsidiary to a lot of implementations just on the off-chance that they’d want to change their parent sub, so we didn’t have to go through the hassle. Maybe some consultancy somewhere has a playbook for this, but Oracle doesn’t, and the short version is do everything in sandbox first and triple check it.


Intermediate Answered on October 27, 2023.
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