Use a dedicated Nexus to link all foreign tax

We are a EU company with multiple branches in Europe.

We incur number of invoices from countries <> domestic./local tax. The tax incurred  is reclaimed once a year via these foreign tax agencies.

So e.g. a FR company receives an invoice from a Swedish company and the Italian branch also receives an invoices from a Swedish company.

Once a year we collect these tax amounts and reclaim them to the Swedish tax agency.

Easiest way to record this is to create one special Nexus for Foreign Tax and expose the relevant tax codes to all countries so if e.g. a Swedish invoice is received in France the employee can select the Swedish-tax code.

Although one can add multiple Nexuses to one subsidiary it seems it will only expose the domestic tax codes (so in the examples the France tax codes for France). I am not able to expose the additional Nexus codes for selection.


Any though on how to bypass this?

Rookie Asked on September 27, 2021 in Taxation.
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