Upload and link a file to VendorBill record via REST API?

Hey all,

Can someone tell me if  this is possible with the current REST API?

  1. Create a VendorBill record using REST
  2. Create a file (PDF) record using REST
  3. Link uploaded file in step 2 to the VendorBill record created in step 1

I know step 1 is doable, but struggling to find docs to support steps 2 and 3. Any guidance  or insight welcome!

If not possible via REST, is the same result achievable using SOAP?

Rookie Asked on October 7, 2021 in SuiteTalk.
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Possibly answering my own question here, but I think step 2 and 3 could be accomplished with creating a SuiteScript that uses the record.attach and file.create functions and expose that as a restlet?

Rookie Answered on October 7, 2021.
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