“Unsupported HTTP method” error response while using PUT method to update employee record through REST Webservices

We are using REST WebServices and I am testing to update an employee record’s email address via POSTMAN.

HTTP method:  PUT

Endpoint: https://<accountid>.suitetalk.api.netsuite.com/services/rest/record/v1/employee

JSON body:

{ "email": "rest@xyz123.com" }

Once this is sent, the system gives the error of UNSUPPORTED HTTP METHOD. Below is the error response:



  "type": "https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc9110.html#section-15.5.6",

  "title": "Method Not Allowed",

  "status": 405,

  "o:errorDetails": [


    "detail": "Unsupported HTTP method for the requested resource.",

    "o:errorCode": "INVALID_METHOD"





Although I’m able to update the employee record through PATCH method,(and I tried using PUT in RESTlets and it works there), I need to know if the PUT method is not supported in NetSuite REST Webservices or I m doing something wrong?

Rookie Asked on December 14, 2023 in SuiteTalk.
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Uri needs to have an eid: key to validate the upsert. Patch to update otherwise since you it exist.

Rookie Answered on January 18, 2024.
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