Unable to see Advanced Revenue management related tables

I connected to netsuite via odbc and ssis

Iam using a custom role that has the following permisions
analytics administrator
suiteanalytics connect
suiteanalytics connect – read all

The connection was successfull, but I cant see tables like revenue elements etc.

is there an additional permission needed to see this tables

Also is there a documentation that shows the relationships of this tables

Thank you

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Thank you for the response,

I was able to figure out that I add to add the specific tables under the list section of the permission. I will look into the modules as you have described, as this might save me time from adding individual tables.


In terms of the relationship there is a section called records catalogue under set up and this shows the relationship of an object with another although I have not deep dived into it but I believe it will be a good starting point for me. Thanks

Rookie Answered on June 5, 2023.
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