Trying to add Entity Name to LINE segment of bills (rather than body). How do I do this?

Simple image of the field and where I’m trying to move it:

I’m trying to pull the I/S, but broken out by vendor under each GL. The issue has to do with how JEs and bills differ in recording the entity name.

The “name” field on JEs pulls as “Entity (Line)”, while on bills it pulls as “Entity”. So when I try adding this column to a report, I’m not able to capture the vendors on all expenses (given amortization is done via JEs).

Obviously moving the JE name from line to body won’t work, given amortization entries have a multitude of different entities. So I’m trying to move the name field in bills from body to line.

Having a really hard time figuring this out. Any advice?

Rookie Asked on August 17, 2021 in Reports.
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