Trouble with Payments on Vendor Account

My company has recently moved to NS and we are having a few issues with payments on account. We have a number of suppliers that will only deal with us on pro-forma. We make payment of the proforma and are struggling with dealing with the payment that has been made. I know that we should really be posting htis as a vendor pre-payment, but the issue is that we have such a large volume of invoices that once the “tax invoice” is received it gets processed and as the pre-payment does not show up on the pay run reports we end up paying the same invoice twice. In our old system we could simply post the payment as a supplier payment on the vendor account, but this does not seem to be feasible in NS.


Is there a way of posting payments onto the vendor account so it is taken into account when pulling a full pay run? I know that vendore prepayments can be auto allocated against an invocie, but this is also not working in our case as a number of invoices do not have PO’s.


I never thought Sage would have been better than NS, but it appears to be the case unless I am missing something really obvious.


Thanks in advance for any help!

Rookie Asked on March 30, 2023 in Banking.
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I enter a “bill”, pay it, then do a Credit against it. This allows us not to overpay and the credit is seen in the “Pay Bills” screen.

Rookie Answered on July 18, 2023.
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