Trouble importing a CSV to update inventory

Hi guys, I’m brand new to NS and trying to make an impact in my internship. We have about 1,800 different SKUs that need to have their inventories changed — so doing it by hand is going to be a big pain.

My workflow is Setup -> Import/Export -> Import CSV Records. Import type is Transactions and Record Type is Inventory Adjustment. As a proof of concept, I’m trying to change ONLY the quantity in this one particular item, i.e. I want to increment its qty in its current location by one. This is my CSV file:

Adjustment Account,Item,Location,Internal ID,Adjust Qty By,Memo
5-99999 COST OF GOODS SOLD : Inventory Adjustment,ABCDEF-12345,03-ECO-EU-Amsterdam,53806,1,Testing

I pulled the Internal ID by writing a simple Report that dumped out the quantities and locations for the stuff I’m interested in. When I try and import this file, I get an error messaging saying “Transaction type specified is incorrect”.

What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this? Just to reiterate, all I want to do is change quantities on certain SKUs. I don’t want to change price, location, or anything else. Thanks!

Rookie Asked on November 18, 2019 in Inventory.
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Thanks guys. What does the internal ID need to be — the unique NetSuite ID for a given item? Like, the one that’s visible in the URL when you look up an item in NetSuite?

Rookie Answered on November 21, 2019.
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Yes, that’s correct.

Beginner Answered on November 21, 2019.
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Thanks Dominic! Is there a way to set the Qty to be an absolute value, instead of an adjusted value?

For example, if the current quantity is 30 but I want it to be 40, is there a way to specify the new quantity as 40 instead of an adjusted value of (plus) 10? I know this seems trivial but it would really help, particularly as a lot of items simply need to be set to zero.

Rookie Answered on November 21, 2019.
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The other thing I struggle with is where values come from. For example, when doing a manual inventory adjustment (Transactions -> Inventory -> Adjust Inventory), I type in the SKU and the warehouse and NetSuite auto-populates the data.

One thing that it populates is the “Est Unit. Cost”, but I have no idea where that number comes from. If I try and create a custom inventory report and search for a field named “Est Unit Cost”, I get a column called “Source Opportunity: Est. Unit Cost” but that is not the cost detail I’m after.

Rookie Answered on November 22, 2019.
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The standard import routine only allows relative adjustments, ie. +10, -10, etc. To adjust to an absolute figure, you need to use “Adjust Inventory Worksheet” (Transactions > Inventory > Adjust Inventory Worksheet > Import). From what I can recall, this moves items into putaway if you’re using bins, which can be an issue for large adjustments. I’d have a look at help in Suiteanswers if you intend to use this, as it has some documentation on cost pricing impact.

Beginner Answered on November 25, 2019.
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correct! it needs to be the internal ID is the Unique id in the url for the item

Rookie Answered on May 12, 2022.
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