Trouble importing a CSV to update inventory

Hi guys, I’m brand new to NS and trying to make an impact in my internship. We have about 1,800 different SKUs that need to have their inventories changed — so doing it by hand is going to be a big pain.

My workflow is Setup -> Import/Export -> Import CSV Records. Import type is Transactions and Record Type is Inventory Adjustment. As a proof of concept, I’m trying to change ONLY the quantity in this one particular item, i.e. I want to increment its qty in its current location by one. This is my CSV file:

Adjustment Account,Item,Location,Internal ID,Adjust Qty By,Memo
5-99999 COST OF GOODS SOLD : Inventory Adjustment,ABCDEF-12345,03-ECO-EU-Amsterdam,53806,1,Testing

I pulled the Internal ID by writing a simple Report that dumped out the quantities and locations for the stuff I’m interested in. When I try and import this file, I get an error messaging saying “Transaction type specified is incorrect”.

What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this? Just to reiterate, all I want to do is change quantities on certain SKUs. I don’t want to change price, location, or anything else. Thanks!

Rookie Asked on November 18, 2019 in Inventory.
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Are you trying to update both inventory items & assembly items in the same .csv file by chance?


I hope this is not unhelpful, I am also fairly new

Rookie Answered on November 18, 2019.
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@SpecialistBison I don’t think we have assembly items, just inventory items.

Rookie Answered on November 19, 2019.
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You’re doing “Add” not “Update” in the second step of the import, correct?


While you want to “update” inventory quantities, you are not “updating” any existing transaction. You want to make new Adjustments so you’ll need to be sure you’re selecting “Add”, as in “add a new inventory adjustment”.

Beginner Answered on November 19, 2019.
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For any Inventory Adjustment Record Import, you first need to create a Inventory Adjustment record in Netsuite UI and then use the Internal ID of Inventory Adjustment in your CSV import.

Following columns in CSV would do the worder.

1. Adjustment Internal ID
2. Item
3. Location
4. New Qty to Adjust

5. Unit Cost (Options)

After this, you can tick Update in Step 2 of CSV Import and it will perform the import without any issues.

Let me know if any clarification required.




Beginner Answered on November 19, 2019.
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@dmashburn3: Yeah, I was doing “Add or Update” instead of just “Add”. I thought that “Update” meant “Update the inventory”, but you’re right — I need to add a new inventory adjustment. Now I have different errors 😉 I’ll post them in a few minutes.

@mrudul: Thanks for the post. If I want to do an Update, how do I create a new inventory adjustment record? I thought that Internal ID was supposed to be the item’s ID, oops…

Rookie Answered on November 20, 2019.
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@bitpushr : From my experience, I dont think you can’t create Adjustment using CSV import from Scratch, but once you create it in Netsuite with single line only. You can use the csv import to import rest of the lines for the same adjustment.

Hope this helps.

Beginner Answered on November 20, 2019.
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You can create an adjustment with an import from scratch.

Your CSV must have an External ID value. This is a reference for the document level adjustment, rather than line level, so the same value can be used across all CSV lines, but needs to change with each successive import, ie. ABC001 in all columns for the first import file needs to increment to ABC002 for the next file to work.

The last adjustment I made used the following columns: External ID, Item Code, Internal ID, Adjustment Amount, Bin Number.  I set the location and adjustment account to default values during the import process.



Beginner Answered on November 20, 2019.
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Thanks you for the same.

I will update my knowledgebase with this.

Answer ID: 51417 has all the answer required for Adjustment import.

Beginner Answered on November 20, 2019.
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@dominicb Thanks! Just so I’m 100% sure, the External ID can be anything I want? E.g. “Dominic’s Big Import Adjustment”?

Rookie Answered on November 20, 2019.
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Yes, that’s correct, the external ID can be anything, but needs to be different for each import file.

Import using the “Add” option. Use the above columns. At the mapping stage, set the following options using default values.

Inventory Adjustment : Adjustment Account (Req)
Inventory Adjustment : Adjustment Location (Req)
Inventory Adjustment : Inventory Adjustment Reason (Req)

In the field selection on the right hand side, expand “Inventory Adjustment Adjustments” then click on item. OK the pop-up prompt. Map the 3 additional fields which have just added.

In the field selection again, expand “Inventory Adjustment Adjustments – Inventory Detail”, then add in “Quantity” and map. Save and run the import.

All of this works fine on our system, which uses bins and multi-location inventory.


Beginner Answered on November 20, 2019.

If it helps I have the Inventory Worksheet from NetSuite

on December 9, 2019.
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