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I am creating a transaction saved search for our sales team. The search is per line item and I need to get some information from the item record. I have a hard time getting the base price of the item. The sales wants to know how much sales they lost when they give away free items so they want to get the base price. The report is for a subsidiary in Thailand. We are multi currency and the parent subsidiary base currency is in USD. Is there anyway that I can get the base price for Thai baht?

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I’m assuming that you have filled in a separate base price in Thai Bhat in the ‘THB’ sublist of the ‘Sales/Pricing’ tab.  Unfortunately, this is a sublist on the item record, meaning that you have to do a join (linked fields) from the item record to obtain this data, so given the 1-join limitation with saved searches, you can’t access this data on a Transaction type saved search (i.e. you’d have to join from the transaction to the item to the Pricing Fields sublist (which is more than 1 join)).  If you want to access this data via saved search you’ll need to do a saved search of Type “Item” and then join to the “Pricing Fields…” (Pricing Fields : Price Level, selecting Base Price) and then also join to the “Transaction Fields…” to get your transaction data.  This may not be ideal depending on what you need from the line level, but that’s saved searches for you.  The only other alternative is to use the new SuiteAnalytics Workbook tool which is not constrained by the 1-join limitation.

Hope that helps!

Intermediate Answered on January 31, 2020.
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