Tax Codes are not updated with correct shipping state when -Custom- address is used

Whenever a Custom- on-the-fly shipping address is used on a transaction, the line items’ tax codes are auto-updated with the wrong state tax code.  For non-Custom- addresses we don’t experience the problem. In graphic below shows how when entering line items, the tax code is updated with Nebraska Tax Code instead of the Custom- shipping address state

This used to work recently, so this is possibly a 2020.1 update issue?  Just checking in the Netsuite Professionals community first since I can’t seem to file a support case right now due to Netsuite’s “All Hands” meeting today.  Thanks!

erroneous tax codeTax Codes updated with wrong State

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Most likely offender?

Someone checked the “Allow override” box on the address, and then changed the typed address as opposed to updating each of the individual fields.

All hands meeting isn’t for several hours, I’d go ahead and file your case now if it’s not what I’m suggesting.

Advanced Answered on April 22, 2020.
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I’ve seen this issue as well, just hadn’t got around to logging the case yet as the client who HAS this issue has put a lock on hours for now.  Definitely a bug though.  Doesn’t happen if you create a new address rather than custom with exactly the same address details.

Rookie Answered on April 23, 2020.
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Oh good thought, but the issue reproduced with that checkbox unchecked and when updating the individual fields.  Thanks for helping me confirm this is probably a Netsuite bug, will file the case now

Rookie Answered on April 22, 2020.
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Also, you might check and make sure this option is not true in General Preferences under Setup -> Company -> General Preferences.


Advanced Answered on April 22, 2020.
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Yep it’s a bug, Netsuite responded to my case:


We have filed the following defect on your behalf.  Defect 583546   :  Sales Order > Change Ship To Select > Custom > Tax Code Not Updating

Alternate Solution:

Use -New- option instead of -Custom-

The urgency level assigned to your defect is U3. 

U3 issues are treated as priority work by NetSuite Product teams during business hours.

Based on our recent defect resolution performance, 50% of U3 issues have been resolved within 6 days and 80% within 12 days. 

We continue to evaluate our processes, methods and practices to improve our performance to address issues impacting your business.

Rookie Answered on April 23, 2020.
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