SuiteFlow: Stop a user from checking two checkboxes in the same record

I’ve added two checkboxes to the customer record.

I want to create a SuiteFlow where the flow will stop the user from marking both.


Scenario 1: A is checked but not check box B = OK

Scenario 2: A is checked but not check box B = OK

Scenario 3: A & B are both checked = NOT OK


I want the user to get a message saying this is not allowed and uncheck both checkboxes until they only check one or leave both empty.

Anyone, who have any suggestions?

Rookie Asked on December 30, 2021 in SuiteFlow.
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2 Answer(s)

You can approach this request via workflow with 2 ways.

  1. Action – Set Field Display Type ; Trigger – after field edit. Once one is checked disable the other.  Don’t forget to support the disable display action at before record load as well.
  2. Action – Return User Error ; Trigger – after field edit ; condition check box A & B = True/checked.
  3. Consider to change this 2 checkboxes to one custom list field. 
Beginner Answered on December 31, 2021.
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This definitely can be done with a Client script. Don’t know about Suiteflow

Rookie Answered on December 30, 2021.
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