SuiteCommerce GA4 via GTM Editor Bundle no longer supported? Issues with Page_Views – should be named page_views, right?

I’m starting to hear from clients reporting pageviews that are off in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) compared to UA (Universal Analytics).

After digging into it, I see a page_view and Page_View GA4 events in GA4 (case matters, which are two separate events).

The Page_View is the one being set by the GA4 code created using the GTM Editor Bundle. I removed and then tried to re-add the GA4 code via the GTM Editor Bundle because, as I understood, that was the only way to get the latest GA4 code from NetSuite.

Upon doing so, when I select GA4 from the dropdown, I get a message stating that GA4 is no longer a supported service. Specifically, the message says, “Google Analytics 4 is linked and not supported by Google Tag Manager”

I did re-add the GA4 code using GTM Editor Bundle and it created the event in the same way, named Page View (which turns into Page_View) instead of page_view. Should I rename this in GTM so that pageviews are calculated properly?

Screenshot below:

GA4 via NetSuite GTM Editor Bundle message

  1. Can someone verify that GA4 is no longer supported via the GTM Editor bundle?
  2. Also, why is NetSuite naming things in a way that causes issues in GA4?
  3. What’s the preferred method to install GA4 so a client can view enhanced e-commerce data in reports?

I can’t find any info in the Netsuite SuiteCommerce Advanced docs.

Rookie Asked on September 5, 2023 in SuiteCommerce.
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