Suitecloud Development Framework (SDF) General Process

Hello All,

This is probably a very generic question. So I hope it is not inappropriate for this channel.

We recently started using SDF and investigating the possibility to create our first suiteApp.

There is quite a lot of documentation available in Netsuite Help and SuiteAnswers but it seems a bit generic and all over the place. Going through it, we are getting more lost.

We are able to follow the tutorials given in the Help and SA but when we try to create a more complex project, we constantly receive unclear errors.
Eventually we manage to transfer our solution from one account to another but in the target account the result is not as good as it could be with Bundles.

Does anyone know any source with more structured instructions , tutorials or any other info which can be helpful for beginners?

Any advice will be appreciated.


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did you get any materials? in same boat.   . .

Rookie Answered on May 7, 2021.
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Not really . There is not much info about this online and as far as I know many people suffer with this.
I am now using it for more than a year and I have become a bit more familiar with it.
My suggestions:
1) Avoid Roles and Froms. They create lots of dependences that occasionally are very difficult to overcome. I personally use Production to create those  and sometimes use sdf to update them. But generally avoid creating them using SDF.
2) Try to keep several small account customizations based on their functionality and the specific area on which they operate in NS..

Rookie Answered on May 11, 2021.
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