Spam message found in Undelivered Emails list

When looking at the Undelivered Email list in NetSuite today, I noticed a row that looked a bit odd.

Spam message found in Undelivered Emails list

It appears spam is being sent as our domain, and this one bounced back to NetSuite? Has anyone experienced this before?

Beginner Asked on January 21, 2020 in Other.
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I don’t think spam is being sent as your domain… I think I might know a scenario that has caused this to happen… Stick with me here…..


Does your support email address (the “From” field) automatically create a case when someone sends it an email?  It is a common practice.  If this is the case, the actual spam bot sent a spam email to your support inbox.  Your system did its job, created a case, and responded to the supposed “customer” with the details of their support case.  This would explain the formatting of the subject line, as well as the to and from fields.


Spam bot sent you an email with the subject line:  $250.00 USD HAS BEEN AWARDED TO YOU

Your system generated a case and confirmed it by responding with the subject line:  Case # 130833 Created: $250.00 USD HAS BEEN AWARDED TO YOU


Then either NetSuite, your exchange server, or the recipient server blocked the email, likely due to being suspected as spam.

What do you think? Can you check your NS for that case?

Intermediate Answered on January 23, 2020.
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