Sourcing values to custom fields on the Manufacturing Operation Task Record

I cannot for the life of me get values to source to a custom field I have created on the Manufacturing Operation Task record.

Requirement is to source the Assembly Item description to a custom field on the Manufacturing Operation Task for quick access in an integration. We have some pretty good reasons for wanting it to be on the MOT.

In the sourcing and filtering tab of the custom CRM field I see “Assembly”, “Assembly Item”, and “Transaction” as likely options in the “Source List” field. I have tried the Description fields from the first two. There isn’t one on “Transaction” but that does not surprise me.

SO. To test it out I created a custom body field called “WO Item Transaction” on the Work Order.  I set that sourcing to get the description from the Assembly Item. Works like a charm…

I set the custom CRM field on the MOT to get that field (“WO Item Transaction”) from the “Transaction”..

IE. Source List: “Transaction”,  Source From: “WO Item Transaction” on a custom CRM field applied to Manufacturing Operation Tasks.

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I’m about to put in a ticket, and try to recreate in another account. 


Has any one run into this before? I have other ways to do this but would really like to achieve it with sourcing and filtering to try to keep the scripting in this particular customization to a minimum.





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