SOAP – HMAC signature – TBA Token-Based Authentication – How to generate the signature?

Hi all,


i have a problem to generate the signature for the SOAP Call via TBA authentication

  • ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret is done/valid/recreated many time
  • AccessToken and AccessToken is done/valid/recreated
  • Role is done and User have this role

I See the requests in NetSuite in the “SetupManager->Users/Role->Login Audit Trail Search” menue. The detail says always “Status: failed, Detail:invalidSignature”.


So I try to find the correct calculation of the signature. First way is the documentation of NetSuite ->

But with the information on the documentation they got the signature “fzGxUBu6SZvGqv5hk8P4ou2DPthSxXtJ4zJIeCBQK5A=” in the documentation with following datas:

<ns:tokenPassport soap:actor=”” soap:mustUnderstand=”0″ xmlns:ns=””>
<ns:signature algorithm=”HMAC_SHA256″>fzGxUBu6SZvGqv5hk8P4ou2DPthSxXtJ4zJIeCBQK5A=</ns:signature>

consumerSecret = “7278da58caf07f5c336301a601203d10a58e948efa280f0618e25fcee1ef2abd”

tokenSecret = “060cd9ab3ffbbe1e3d3918e90165ffd37ab12acc76b4691046e2d29c7d7674c2”


I tried many options in creating a signature, but never got the “fzGxUBu6SZvGqv5hk8P4ou2DPthSxXtJ4zJIeCBQK5A=” back!


Data for signature request = “1234567&71cc02b731f05895561ef0862d71553a3ac99498a947c3b7beaf4a1e4a29f7c4&89e08d9767c5ac85b374415725567d05b54ecf0960ad2470894a52f741020d82&6obMKq0tmY8ylVOdEkA1&1439829974”

Key for signature request = “7278da58caf07f5c336301a601203d10a58e948efa280f0618e25fcee1ef2abd060cd9ab3ffbbe1e3d3918e90165ffd37ab12acc76b4691046e2d29c7d7674c2”


But I tried many online HMAC generation tools and they gave me another signature back. Also  my programming function, which I use, gives mit different values back. “142821219a9735eb6e658f082d63851f4b9c75fcd03a602e2feabe905db5ccfb” and in base64 “FCghIZqXNetuZY8ILWOFH0ucdfzQOmAuL+q+kF21zPs=”

Is the documentation wrong, or which options I have to choose in creating the signature?

Can anybody help me and give me a feedback “documentation is right/wrong”?

many thanks for all, which tries to help



Rookie Asked on March 26, 2024 in SuiteTalk.
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Hi Armin,

This is always really difficult to debug.

Perhaps the best help I can provide is a Postman Pre-Request script that I know to work:

const account_id = pm.environment.get(‘account_id’).toUpperCase();

const realm = pm.environment.get(‘realm’);
const consumer_key = pm.environment.get(‘consumer_key’);
const consumer_secret = pm.environment.get(‘consumer_secret’);
const token = pm.environment.get(‘token’);
const token_secret = pm.environment.get(‘token_secret’);

const nonce = Math.random().toString().substring(2);
const timestamp = Math.floor( / 1000);

const base_string = account_id + ‘&’ + consumer_key + ‘&’ + token + ‘&’ + nonce + ‘&’ + timestamp;

console.log(‘base_string’, base_string)

const signing_key = consumer_secret + ‘&’ + token_secret;

console.log(‘signing_key’, signing_key)

const signature = CryptoJS.HmacSHA256(base_string, signing_key).toString(CryptoJS.enc.Base64);

pm.variables.set(‘nonce’, nonce);
pm.variables.set(‘timestamp’, timestamp);
pm.variables.set(‘signature’, signature);

console.log(‘signature’, signature)

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.



Intermediate Answered on April 2, 2024.
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