Simple script to set a static field value at time of record load… Anybody want to help?

There is a record that loads a field that I cannot set with a workflow. I want to jump into some simple scripts and having one that is super simple would be a great place to start. I just want to set a static field value at the time of record create. Nothing fancy. Does anybody have that code from a simple script they would be willing to provide? I would greatly appreciate it.

I have worked with scripts before but I my code skills are basic and limited to simple edits.

Just FYI for anybody interested… here is the issue. When a When a Work Order Completion is created, you cannot access the Starting Operation, Ending Operation, or Quantity Completed fields. My client only uses one operation in all their Manufacturing Routings and the sequence number for all of them are the same. Thus, it would save them a ton of time if they didn’t have to click on these fields.

Intermediate Asked on November 4, 2021 in How To's.
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