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I have a question regarding Item Fulfillment picked/packed/shipped dates. Our warehouse marked the item fulfillment as shipped on the wrong date in NetSuite and I need to edit this to the correct date. However these specific dates are not editable and if I change the status of the item fulfillment (ex. back to packed from shipped) the dates automatically update to today’s date. Does anyone know how to edit these dates?

Rookie Asked on October 20, 2019 in Order Management.
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You can try updating the date field using this API call nlapiSubmitField(‘itemfulfillment’, ‘35605’, ‘trandate’, ’10/1/2019′).

Edit the Item Fulfillment record in NS, right-click on the page and then click inspect, this will provide you an option to run the above cmd in the console. In the API call, just replace the internal id of the item fulfillment record(second parameter), provide the desired date and also verify if the internal id of the date field is correct.

RE: Shipping Date Changes

Beginner Answered on October 23, 2019.
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