Set up multiple vendor SKUs with different purchasing UOMs

Hi everyone, I have several items that can be ordered by different UOMs. For example we could order a single bottle or a pack of 10 bottles. The vendor sells their different packaging sizes as separate SKUs. We also have multiple secondary vendors with their own packaging sizes.

I don’t want to change my default Purchasing UOM on the Item Record because we could purchase by a different UOM each instance depending on vendor availability. Is there a way I can list multiple vendor SKUs from the same vendor in the purchasing section of the Item Record? Also can I change the UOM that defaults on the PO to be specific to each separate vendor SKU?

I should note we want to receive all purchases as the same internal ID regardless of the purchasing size ordered on the PO.

Rookie Asked on August 11, 2022 in Purchasing.
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Nope.  You get 1 vendorSKU per NS Item per Subsidiary.

Your use case requires a custom record to hold multiple skus.  But maybe you can solve this by ordering with UPC or your SKU instead of the Vendor’s SKU and let the vendor figure-out their vendorSKU based on your UPC or your SKU and the UOM on the PO.

Rookie Answered on August 27, 2022.
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