Security to see only sales orders that this sales rep has sold


How do i make sure that an sales rep is seeing only the sales orders that he/she is the sales rep for.


I have created an employee, and this emoyee has 3 subsordinates. These 3 subordinates have the employee created as Supervisor

I have a role Sales person attached to this employee.

How do i make sure that these sales reps are not seeing sales orders from other sales reps ?


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Rookie Asked on September 11, 2019 in Sales Force Automation.
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I don’t think you can restrict from seeing subordinates orders, so you might have to remove that, but there is a setting under your CRM setup that controls this permission. I’ll update this with the permission name and suite answers article shortly unless someone beats me to it.

Here’s some more info:

 Setup -> Sales -> Sales Preferences

Restrict by Transaction Sales Rep Only – Check this box if you want sales reps to see transactions for customers they are assigned to only if they are the sales rep selected on the transaction.

If this box is clear, each sales rep can see all transactions for customers, even if the sales rep is not the sales rep selected on a particular transaction.

The role might need to be marked as a sales rep role, and the user might need the sales rep box checked on their employee record.

Sales Role

Checking this box does the following:

  • If you set restrictions in the Employee Restrictions field, check this box if employees using this role should be restricted based on the Sales Rep field on records and transactions.
  • Users with this role can only see quota, forecast, and commission data for themselves and their subordinates.
Advanced Answered on September 11, 2019.
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Hi Kevin, appreciate it.

Rookie Answered on September 11, 2019.

I have updated my answer.

on September 11, 2019.
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restricting subordinates is not needed the sales rep is allowed to see the SO from subordinates, hover not from other sales reps


Rookie Answered on September 11, 2019.
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