Searching for items and categories they are in

We want locate items and the categories they are in AND items in no categories. Can a saved search be created for this. No luck for me so far. Thanx

Rookie Asked on May 11, 2021 in SuiteCommerce.
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Usually there is an option at the top of the list called - None -anyof - None - should do the trick

Intermediate Answered on May 11, 2021.

not sure what list you mean.

I would like to see for eaxample

Red tee – mens, shop all men

lanyard – supplies, shop all supplies

on May 11, 2021.

You won’t see it in that way, as Netsuite puts multiple results for commerce category into individual result rows.

A simple item search with Name, Description and Commerce Category Name result columns will give you a list.

To find items with no category, Formula (Text) criteria, {commercecategoryid} “is empty” will probably give you what you’re looking for.


on May 12, 2021.
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