Saved Search Using Leave Date Data (Was blank before)


I am trying to make a saved search which then will connect to a workflow. I am trying to make a saved search based on when the anticipated leave date goes from blank to filled in. I don’t need it through a time range, just when our admission person fills out the anticipated leave date on the child record, this person shows up in our Saved Search to then receive an automated email.

Basically, we have families that give us a 30-day notice and as soon as they give us a leave date and we put it into NetSuite we want to send out an automated email with an exit survey. The leave date record is blank till we put that date in.

I would love any help possible! I am just having a hard time wrapping my mind around the best way to do this because I am not basing it on a time frame but when a new value is entered into something that did not have a value.

Thank you in advance!

Rookie Asked on September 13, 2021 in How To's.
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Hi Marcy730,

Try This.

Criteria Tab

Formula(text) |

CASE WHEN {put here field id} IS NOT NULL THEN 'T' ELSE 'F' END 

In order that you want to discuss this, please contact me for more details.


Rookie Answered on October 15, 2021.
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