Saved search invalid expression error

I am trying to sum and substract the balances using saved search formula. but its giving ERROR: Invalid Expression. Please help!

I am using formula in saved search like this but its giving invalid expression error CASE WHEN {custrecord1} = ‘Expenses’ THEN {balance}+ CASE WHEN {custrecord1} = ‘Interest Expense’ THEN {balance}+ CASE WHEN {custrecord1} = ‘Adjustments’ THEN {balance}+ CASE WHEN {custrecord1} = ‘Depreciation’ THEN {balance}+ CASE WHEN {custrecord1} = ‘Revenue’ THEN {balance}+ CASE WHEN {custrecord1} = ‘Other Income’ THEN {balance}+ (CASE WHEN {custrecord1} = ‘Interest Earned’ THEN {balance}- CASE WHEN {custrecord1} = ‘Fixed Asset’ THEN {balance}) ELSE 0 END

Beginner Asked on December 6, 2023 in Saved Searches.
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We need to start by knowing more about the search, is this a Group results search?


I would start by Cleaning up your Case statement  it would like this

SUM ( case when {Yourfield}in( ‘Interest Earned’ ,‘Other Income’, ‘Revenue’ …) then {balance} end )-(Case when [Yourfield}=’Fixed Asset’ then (-{balance}) end )


You might need to wrap the balance in a NVL it would look like this:  NVL({balance},0)


I did not test this formula but it should work if you are not grouping the results..

Rookie Answered on December 7, 2023.
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