Saved search for items received/committed but not fulfilled?


My company does mostly special orders. They have items, but the specifications are added on the PO/SO for the customizations. We want to be able to reconcile our inventory and this means creating a saved search for items that are committed but not fulfilled. We have a saved search a former bookkeeper made but it’s not exactly right as it’s built off item receipt, but we think it’d be better of sales orders instead. I’ve tried tweaking it to make it report off SOs instead but it keeps returning with no results.

Rookie Asked on November 26, 2023 in Saved Searches.
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To reconcile inventory for special orders, you’ll need to create a saved search that identifies items with committed quantities but no fulfilled quantities. This can be achieved by filtering your search results based on the following criteria:

  1. Type: Select “Sales Order” as the transaction type.

  2. Status: Include only sales orders with a status of “Pending Fulfillment” or “Partially Fulfilled.” This ensures you’re only capturing orders that haven’t been fully fulfilled.

  3. Item: Include only items that have a “Quantity Committed” greater than zero. This identifies items that have been allocated to specific sales orders.

  4. Fulfilled Quantity: Exclude items with a “Quantity Fulfilled” equal to their “Quantity Committed.” This ensures you’re only capturing items with unfulfilled quantities.

By applying these criteria, you’ll effectively identify items that are committed to specific sales orders but haven’t been fully fulfilled. This will allow you to accurately reconcile your inventory for special orders.

Here’s an example of a saved search that you can use:

Saved Search Name: Items Committed But Not Fulfilled

Search Criteria:

Criteria    Field    Operator    Value
------    -----     ---------  -------
Type         Type      is        Sales Order
Status       Status    is        Pending Fulfillment OR Partially Fulfilled
Item         Quantity Committed  is greater than    0
Fulfilled Quantity  Quantity Fulfilled is equal to    0

Running this saved search will provide you with a list of items that meet the specified criteria, allowing you to reconcile your inventory effectively for special order

Beginner Answered on November 28, 2023.
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