Saved Search Email Sending 3 Times on “Update”

I am running into an issue where a search is sending 3 emails each time ONE record is updated in a saved search.

Basically, I am trying to send an email to recipients when a record’s ship date is UPDATED (and meets the criteria of this search). Whenever I update a record, it sends 3 of the SAME emails to me, instead of one, even though only ONE record is added.

NETSUITE SUPPORT marked this as  Defect 572889, but I am hoping someone here found a workaround without scripting. 

Thanks in advance!

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2 Answer(s)

In that case use a workflow and send email action to trigger upon field update, this will shoot out an email. You can extend that by using your saved search results to drive the workflow actions too.

Advanced Answered on June 2, 2022.
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This is actually what I ended up doing, so thank for the advice!

Rookie Answered on June 2, 2022.
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