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I have a saved search which sends out emails for missing timesheets to employees every morning. This was working fine as I only used to consider last week’s missing timesheets. I have recently changed the criteria to consider missing timesheets for the last month. This is also working fine but the issue is that I am unable to restrict the records of the employees who have joined during the month. Since NetSuite also shows historical timesheets even before a person’s joining date, I have emails from employees saying that they were not on board during the period. I am trying to fix it but somehow I am not able to use the ‘Criteria’ section to add a check of showing only those records after a person’s joining date. Is there a way I can add a condition where I can check Timesheet Date >= Employee.Hire Date


Beginner Asked on November 18, 2020 in Saved Searches.
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You might be able to do a numeric formula criteria that says “{timesheet.enddate(or whatever field you’re using)} – {employee.hiredate}” in the formula box, “greater than” in the “Formula(Numeric)” box, and 0 in the value box. I might have the order backwards but I think this should be a positive number if the employee was hired during or after the pay cycle in question since you’re finding the days between that time sheet ending and the hiring of the employee.

Hopefully this works/helps!



Rookie Answered on December 21, 2020.
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