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Can you confirm if the sandbox refresh count gets reset? Or we need to buy a new bucket from NetSuite?



Rookie Asked on April 1, 2020 in Other.
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How often can be Sandbox refreshed?
Users can request Sandbox refresh depending on the number of Sandbox refreshes provisioned for their NetSuite account. This information is available in Production account via Setup Company Sandbox Accounts > Refreshes Used / Refreshes Total field or Setup Company View Billing Information > Billable Components > Sandbox Refreshes Count. Users can immediately submit another refresh request once the previous refresh was completed and activated.

How does ‘Refreshes Used’ count the number of refreshes?
For the new Sandbox, the account Administrator needs to initiate a copy of data from the associated Production account by clicking the Copy Data to Sandbox button on the Sandbox Accounts page. This action requires at least 1 Sandbox Refresh Count, though it will not use it against the account. For accounts with multiple Sandboxes the Sandbox Refreshes Count is shared between all Sandboxes. If the user has SB1 and SB2, for example, and requests a refresh for both, it uses 2 counts against the current provisioned quantity.

What happens if the Sandbox Refreshes Count is used up?
If the user has maxed out Sandbox Refreshes Count, the system will prompt “You have no refreshes remaining” when the next refresh is requested. The user needs to contact the Account Manager to purchase additional refreshes.

Beginner Answered on April 1, 2020.
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