Sales Forecast -> Demand Plan – Best Practice….?

Our company is planning to run a demand plan based on the Sales Forecast. I am wondering how the “Sales Forecast” information handles opportunities with multiple quotes when in the demand plan?


We are currently using Advanced Forecasting.

Example: An opportunity with 3 quotes, all with the same forecast type “Most Likely” all with the same expected shipping date on the line item.


What will pull through to the demand plan? All of the items on each quote? Or is there some sort of logic around this?


Also, let’s assume one of these quotes progress to a sales order. How should we handle the alternate quotes which do not progress? Should the ‘Opportunity – Won’ automatically close these other quotes? Will it not look as though we lost these quotes now even though the opportunity with the customer was won?


Is there any information around best practice for this situation?

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