Retrieve Purchase Orders


For retrieving Purchase Orders I am using the following code

_nsService.tokenPassport = CreateTokenPassport();
TransactionSearchBasic tr = new TransactionSearchBasic()
type = new SearchEnumMultiSelectField()
@operator = SearchEnumMultiSelectFieldOperator.anyOf,
searchValue = new[] { “_purchaseOrder” },
operatorSpecified = true,
tranId = new SearchStringField()
@operator = SearchStringFieldOperator.@is,
searchValue = orderNum,
operatorSpecified = true
SearchResult searchResult =;
return searchResult.recordList;

it works but very slow, how can I speed it up ?

Rookie Asked on March 21, 2023 in Other.
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How slow are we talking?

What data do you need from the PO?

Could you consider performing the operation asynchronously?



Intermediate Answered on March 21, 2023.


It takes 17 seconds

on March 21, 2023.
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