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in netsuite is it possible to have a scenario wherein a client would want to restrict a GL account to specific transactions only (example AP/AR GL accounts can only be used in vendor bill/Customer Invoices but NOT in Journal Entry transactions).
Beginner Asked on March 3, 2023 in Accounting.
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Is it possible someone would ask for this? Sure, people ask all sort of crazy things. Is it possible to do this? Sure, should be feasible by workflow depending on the specific requirements and definitely by scripting.   Is it wise to do this? No, probably not. Journals are the way you’re going to do any manual corrections needed outside of the typical transaction process, and you want to retain that capability because things do come up where you’re going to want to adjust those kinds of accounts (or whatever accounts).  If I got this kind of request I would really probe them on why they want it, and would hazard a guess that the answer is that they have too many people with access to create journals that don’t really need it and/or they are running some process through JEs that should really go through another transaction type or different path altogether. That said, sometimes it’s easier to just build the thing, let it fail, and charge them again to fix it, than to convince a client that their approach is wrong, so use your own judgment here.

Intermediate Answered on March 3, 2023.
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