RequireJS jquery shim dependency

When being evaluated by NetSuite module loader I am getting the following error: Fail to evaluate script: {“type”:”error.SuiteScriptModuleLoaderError”,”name”:”MODULE_DOES_NOT_EXIST”,”message”:”Module does not exist: /jquery-ui.js”,”stack”:[]}

This problem arises when having dependencies of jquery in AMDConfig like so:


"baseUrl": "SuiteScripts/..../Libraries/",

"paths": {

"jquery": "jquery-3.2.1.min",

"jquery-ui": "jquery-ui.min",


"shim": {

"jquery": {

"exports": "$",


"jquery-ui": {

"deps": ["jquery"] // removing this dependency prevents error




Then referencing in code as below:


* @NApiVersion 2.x

* @NScriptType ClientScript

* @NModuleScope SameAccount

* @NAmdConfig ../config.json


define(['jquery', 'jquery-ui'], function($) {



Has anyone encountered this or found a solution? I want to have jquery as the jquery-ui dependency because it truly is dependent, since requirejs loads async sometimes they do not load in the correct order and ui does not attach properly


Intermediate Asked on January 28, 2020 in SuiteCloud.
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