Report tying multiple transactions by serial number/inventory detail?

We’ve got a complex process involving serialized inventory passing through multiple subsidiaries and sales orders. I have two sets of sales orders: one selling containers of items to our partner, and one selling individual items to end customers. We need to track dwell time since the first sale for unsold items, as well as the second sale date for sold items. Payment is due either on second sale or as the dwell time ticks past certain thresholds, so we need an invoice/aging report.

Right now I’ve got a saved search on inventory detail that shows the serial number and date of first sale (from the item fulfillment for the sales order), and another saved search on inventory detail showing the serial and date of second sale (ditto). I haven’t been able to get serial number on any report, and I’m not familiar with other NetSuite methods for pulling, arranging, and displaying data, though I can do a lot with Excel and/or SSRS.

The individual serial numbers don’t need to be present in the report, as long as the sales orders get tied together. Can anyone help me make sense of NetSuite reporting tools?


Rookie Asked on October 30, 2019 in Reports.
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Failing to find a better solution, I’m using the ODBC driver and writing SQL to pull the data from the TRANSACTIONS and TRANSACTION_INVENTORY_NUMBERS tables.

Rookie Answered on November 1, 2019.
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Hello! can you please share your query for this? I’m struggling to find a solution

Rookie Answered on November 16, 2020.
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