Refreshing multiple portlets

I have 6 portlets with tasks, cases, reminder ….. on the personal dashboard.  After login some of them are outdated (no new tasks, counter is false…). And what? I have to click on refresh link within all portlets? Is there “refresh all” option … Or auto-refreshing period to setup….

Rookie Asked on September 27, 2019 in Dashboards.
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Chrome extension does exist for this use case:

I have not used myself so use at your own risk. The extension should refresh all portlets whenever you navigate to the home screen.

Beginner Answered on September 27, 2019.

But I am interested in NetSuite options only … Just asking if I missed some features, preferences

It is normal to content is static while staying on the same page/dashboard (without auto-refresh), but having outdated content immediately after login and opening dashboard … ufff

on September 27, 2019.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to do this that I am aware of, outside of that extension (or something else similar in concept)

on September 27, 2019.
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I know that you were seeking NetSuite specific utilities to accomplish your goal, and I also know that others have created Chrome extensions and other workarounds. In case you are still searching, I created a solution that works on all ‘{youraccountid}’ domained NetSuite accounts. It’s a Chrome Extension. Free to use.

Intervals are 1 min, 2 min, 4 min, 8 min.

screenshotscreenshot of chrome extension

Rookie Answered on September 5, 2023.
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