does anyone know what setting/feature(s) dictate when ‘location’ is a valid column that can show up on Transaction “Table” from standpoint of SuiteAnalytics/SuiteQL?
comparing the new Records Catalog in different accounts, some accounts have this and others do not



It seems this column does consistently appear in accounts which have NetSuite WMS provisioned/enabled, but I do not suspect that is the underlying determining factor nor do the prerequisite feature/settings being enabled for WMS seem to be the root cause for column appearing either from what I can tell.


Intermediate Asked on September 10, 2020 in SuiteAnalytics.
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My guess would be multi location inventory, probably becuse it allows location at the line level.

Advanced Answered on September 10, 2020.

Yes I think that might play a role, all accounts with multi-location inventory have transactionLine.Location, which is fine as that is useful to access as well, but I am specifically looking for transaction.Location the Location information that appears at the header/mainline level of a Transaction.

This feature does not seem to be the deciding factor if header-level column is present from accounts I have compared against, all having Feature enabled but only some showing additional column available.

on September 10, 2020.
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