Pull Foreign Currency Base Price into Transactional Saved Search

Hey all,

I’m building a Transaction Saved Search to show price changes for a customer and the items they order. The main fields are Item, Item Rate (summarized to Maximum for most recent) and the Item’s Base Price in USD.

The issue I’m running into is that no data is populating for Base Price. I believe this is because our Company is in CAD but I need this to pull the USD Base Price as this is for a USD Subsidiary. Is it possible to pull the USD Base Price (for an Item) into a Transaction Saved Search or is that one join too far?

Thank you.



I found a previous post that was having a similar issue, it is more than one join (Transaction > Item > Pricing Fields) so I’ll need to find a different way to represent this data.

Post in question: https://netsuiteprofessionals.com/question/tem-base-price-in-transaction-saved-search/

Perhaps a report is better suited for this.

Rookie Asked on August 18, 2021 in Saved Searches.
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