Project Task Cost Budgeting (non-labor)

I have set a Cost Budget in my Project Task and have charged expenses against it. Where can I see the breakdown of the Project Task Cost Actuals vs Budget from the Project Task or from the Project record page? eg. to appear in the Work Breakdown Structure subtab

I have been unable to get the Project Task Cost Budget to appear in any Actuals vs Budget reporting, does this require a WBS or an Accounting Budget to be setup at the Project level?


If this is not clear, I can clarify.

Rookie Asked on November 21, 2019 in Projects.
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Yes, please do clarify.  I don’t believe it will show up anywhere on the project task itself (but I don’t use WBS, so I’m not 100% on what you’re referring to there). To get the Budget vs. Actual for project tasks you can either use the “Project Task Cost Budget vs. Actual” report under Reports > Projects > Project Task Cost Budget vs. Actual or view it on the Project record, by going to the Project record > Budget tab > Project Task Actual vs. Budget subtab.

Intermediate Answered on November 22, 2019.
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