Project File Inclusion/Exclusion with SuiteCloud IDE Plug-in for WebStorm

When using the SuiteCloud IDE Plug-in for WebStorm, it seems to make sense to me that the files in .idea/suiteapp directory should be included in version control as it contains the XML templates for the NS objects. I would imagine these should be shared with other developers on the team when they clone or update their local repo. However, three files I’m unsure whether they should be included are netsuite.xmlnetsuite.sign and netsuite.pkey which are all located under the root .idea folder. An inspection of the netsuite.xml file shows that it contains the Token ID and Secret used for TBA connection to the NetSuite account which should automatically exclude it from repo inclusion. I’m trying to determine if this is standard practice among other devs. I’m also trying to determine how the Master Account Password is affected by this. It’s my understanding that it’s project-based. Would another developer need to create their own Master Password when they clone the repo and begin working? What other inclusion/exclusions from the .idea folder do I need to consider?

Rookie Asked on October 21, 2019 in SuiteCloud IDE.
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You shouldnt need to include the .idea folder at all.

I have my .gitignore file setup to ignore that folder completely.

Rookie Answered on October 28, 2019.
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