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Which fields or records that when filled, prevents an Asset from being proposed when running Asset Proposal transaction, based on our scenario described bellow ?

We have a customization (map/reduce script) that searches for journal entries created that impact fixed asset account and based on the results, create a new fixed asset. Due to our process, we’re not allowed to use Asset Proposal transaction (we’re capitalizing labor cost), however,  is the transaction is triggered, an new asset is proposed, creating a duplicated asset (based on the JE).

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It is the ‘FAM Asset Proposal’ record and specifically the ‘Proposal Status’ field that triggers whether an asset get proposed.  It sounds like you’ll have to either utilize this record or create your own method with custom fields and within your custom script to prevent assets from being created by your custom script.  Hope that helps!

Intermediate Answered on June 5, 2024.
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Option1: Can JE created by map/reduce script be posted to other GL account that is not set as FAM account?

Option2: Asset creation can either happen:

    1. Manage Asset proposal page – you can reject proposal so no new asset is created for that JE.  FAM Setup should be ‘Restrict Ability to Reject Proposals’ =unchecked.
    2. Do not use Asset creation page, since this will not be subject for approval. It will directly create an Asset.


  1. Run Asset Proposal page. This will create ‘FAM Asset Proposal’ custom records at the back-end.
  2. Create workflow/ script that will automatically set ‘Proposal Status’ to rejected depending on the Source Transaction. You should have identifier field in JE (ex: checkbox ‘Do not create FAM’), that will be the basis for auto-rejecting proposal.
  3. If FAM Asset Proposal custom record is set to rejected, this will not be converted into FAM. You do not need to run ‘Manage Asset Proposal’ page anymore to reject.
Rookie Answered on June 12, 2024.
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