Pay Expense Reports via Direct Deposit (no check)

hello, we are looking into paying our employees expense reports via direct deposit when we do payroll.  these would show as a bill payment, not a wages, in NetSuite.  we’re currently stumped because we do not want these payments to reflect as checks with corresponding check #’s.  Should we use the “to ach” feature, instead?

Rookie Asked on November 1, 2019 in How To's.
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Not clear on your issue:

Don’t want the payments to show in the check printing queue? Don’t check to ‘To be Printed’ checkbox.

Don’t want check number associated with your payments? You can clear the check number on bill payments and still save the payment.

Need to figure out a way to process these payments and automatically create the bank file? Check out the Electronic Bank Payments bundle. Further reading: “Electronic Bank Payments” SuiteAnswers Id: 21729.

Have already processed some check numbers that were not physical checks and want to change the check auto-numbering? Edit the Next Check Number on the Bank Account. Check out “Resetting Check Numbers” SuiteAnswers Id: 7501.

Want to have a value displayed in the check number field and printouts, but don’t want it to mess up the future check numbering actual physical checks?  Use some lettering in your “check” numbering, e.g. “EFT12345”.  This will not affect (or interfere with in the future) the automated check numbering (which is only numbers).


Intermediate Answered on November 1, 2019.
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